Safety and maintenance

Safety and maintenance

Look out visits

  • Weekly, monthly or on demand visits
  • Relay of mail
  • Rerouting invoiced as a visit and shipping costs charged back as they are

Housekeeping/ventilation of empty premises

  • Out of season maintenance to keep the location from humidity and ease last minute arrivals. (Once a month recommended)
  • Garden maintenance, hedges and lawn mowing. (On demand or annual contract.)
  • Look out of maintenance and refurbishment work made by professionals with reports accompanied with photos for a full tranquility.
  • Order/buy flat pack furnitures, we receive and assemble them for you so you just have to use them on your arrival.
  • Do you want to change the interior of your location? We are here to help you coordinate everything and get rid of old furnitures.

Minor maintenance work

  • A leaking tap? A bulb to change? a gasket to change? A shelf to put? In brief, we can relieve you from all the small things that annoy your everyday
  • wintering/unwintering: Empty the water circuit, preserve hygiene by placing dehumidifiers, cut unnecessary electricity breakers and make savings without suffering from the consequencies of this on your day of arrival. A cumfort that it becomes difficult to do without once you tried it.
  • For further needs, do not hesitate to contact us.